toys warranty

In The Entertainer, we guarantee every toy is 100% authentic and has gone through a quality control before it gets delivered to you.

However, if you're not satisfied with the product(s) you purchased; or if the product(s) you received is damaged, we’re more than happy to exchange them!

Exchange claim is valid within 14 days after date of purchase and is valid as long as it is returned in its original state, unused and in original packaging. Proof of purchase is required.

If you are unsure about what services are eligible for you, we have prepared this chart to help you assured:

Toys Value Under Warranty*
(free of charge)
Post Warranty**
(with service charge)
Out of Warranty
<300k or>300k Exchange at stores*** - After 14 days
<1mio 6 months after purchase - >6 months after purchase
>1 mio <2 mio 6 months after purchase 6 months after warranty period >12 months after purchase
>2 mio 12 months after purchase 12 months after warranty period >24 months after purchase

*If your item is under warranty, you are eligible to receive full service, free of charge, that includes checking, service, spare-part replacement and shipping.

** If your item has passed its warranty period, you are still eligible to receive full service that includes checking, service and spare-part replacement but service fee at your own cost is required.

***with approval from Store Area Manager

Please note that any exchange will not be proceed if the item you purchased is out of warranty

If you wish to exchange the product you received,

you can contact us at 021-29181155 or