Micro Scooter

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  1. Micro Spare Parts Handle
    Micro Spare Parts Handle
    Rp 169,000
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  2. Micro Scooter - Black
    Micro Scooter - Black
    Rp 3,999,000
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  3. Micro Luggage Eazy (New)
    Micro Luggage Eazy
    Rp 3,299,000
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  4. Micro Mini2go Deluxe Plus Mint
    Micro Mini2go Deluxe Plus Mint
    Rp 2,699,000
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  5. Micro Mini2Go Deluxe Blue
    Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
    Rp 2,399,000
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  6. Micro Sprite Scooter - Saphire Blue
    Micro Sprite Scooter
    Rp 1,799,000
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  7. Micro Sprite Spare Part
    Micro Sprite Stripe
    Rp 1,799,000
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  8. Micro Trike Deluxe - Gold
    Micro Trike Deluxe
    Rp 1,699,000
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  9. Micro Trike - White
    Micro Trike
    Rp 1,499,000
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  10. Micro Black Wheel
    Micro Black Wheel
    Rp 269,000
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